Acupuncture Vouchers

Acupuncture vouchers are available again this December from London Acupuncture Therapy. This gives people the opportunity to buy a treatment for somebody at a discounted price.

acupuncture vouchers for December 2018

Acupuncture vouchers can be provided by email or sent out by post

The acupuncture vouchers are available for all of the clinics where Mark Kiely Lic Ac, MBAcC, BSc (Hons) works, but the system works differently at each clinic. Details as follows:

At the Greenwich Natural Health Centre, one of the acupuncture vouchers enables the recipient to have a 75 minute consultation and treatment at a cost of £45 as opposed to the usual £60.

At the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre in Battersea, the cost is £40 for a 60 minute appointment slot. The Fairlee Wellbeing Centre sometimes operates special offers, and this cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing offers at the clinic.

At the Low-Cost clinic at the Corner Surgery in Camberwell, treatment fees are always based upon household income. No further discounts are available buying acupuncture vouchers for this clinic, but somebody on a lower income is able to buy a treatment for somebody else based upon their own income. Details about the low-cost pricing structure can be obtained by contacting London Acupuncture Therapy.

The person who has received one of the acupuncture vouchers can contact Mark directly to arrange a time that suits them (based upon the hours he works at each clinic).

The acupuncture vouchers are normally emailed out, but hard copies can be provided if desired.

Acupuncture vouchers can also be used for deep tissue or therapeutic massage with Mark instead.

This could be an ideal present for somebody who has never had acupuncture before but would be interested in finding out how it may be beneficial for them. Alternatively, it may also be nice for somebody who ha already benefited from acupuncture treatment but, amidst the busy schedule of our lives has not found the time to come for treatment for a while.

The acupuncture vouchers must be booked in advance.

To find out more about acupuncture, you can check out the website of the British Acupuncture Council here.

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