Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture testimonials from some of Mark’s clients:

acupuncture testimonial from JuliaJulia Davies

Ballet Dancer, Sadler’s Wells, Bolshoi, Ballet Theatre UK

I first visited Mark in 2011 for acupuncture to treat a historic hamstring injury which was still playing up. The sessions really helped to break down old scar tissue from a tear I had sustained previously and to stimulate healing, relax the muscles around the whole area and significantly reduce my pain. Mark was very thorough in understanding my injury and the treatment really helped, especially as I was in the middle of a very busy season of dancing and touring.

I have since been in for several massages, and he is the first person I go to when I have any pain! I have confidently recommended Mark to several dancer colleagues who have also spoken so highly of him and the treatment they received, both massage and acupuncture.

acupuncture testimonial from KirtiKirti Mistry
Businesswoman and Complementary Health Practitioner

I was very lucky to have found such an amazing acupuncture practitioner. In Mark, I found someone who is well grounded in clinical acupuncture but also has a holistic approach. From the very first session, I was impressed with the accuracy and skill he has with his craft. Not only is Mark passionate about what he does but also is very caring in his approach with the treatments.

With my pregnancy from the very beginning, I had regular acupuncture with Mark, and I can honestly say that was the reason I sailed through my pregnancy without any difficulty whatsoever and had a beautifully calm baby daughter. Due to the acupuncture treatments, I did not have any water retention or any other pregnancy symptoms. I am very grateful for the wonderful work he has done with me and I always recommend him to all my friends.



I found Mark after searching the British Acupuncture Council website and contacted him due to his interest in treating stress, anxiety and depression. Even from first contact Mark was very friendly and approachable. The sessions were a huge help to me and I felt like a weight had been lifted off me after each one. I never felt uncomfortable and there was never any pain, the atmosphere he created in the treatment room was incredibly relaxing. Mark was very keen to know if there were particular points that felt beneficial and then they would be incorporated in future treatments. Following my experiences, I can’t recommend acupuncture, and Mark as a therapist enough!

acupuncture testimonials picture AndyAndy Roberts

I’ve been seeing Mark monthly since spring 2015 when I sought treatment for long running & near constant back pain.
As a chef of some 25 years I work long hours in stressful conditions and spend most of my working day on my feet.
Following consultation with Mark a program of deep tissue massage therapy was decided upon.
After 4 or 5 sessions the pain I had been experiencing for a long period of time greatly dissipated to the extent that now we work to maintain its absence.
I feel the physical benefits of Mark’s therapy have vastly improved my day to day life & continue to do so.

acupuncture testimonial photo EHElaine Hughes

Landscape Designer

I originally went to see him for digestive discomfort, which had become persistent and uncomfortable and which was very much eased after a few appointments with Mark. I wish I had seen him sooner. We started with weekly appointments so Mark could treat me with acupuncture and monitor my response to treatment. The treatment gap gradually lengthened until I felt better and it was reassuring to have the consistent support for something that had been distressing for me. Mark also gave some helpful dietary advice for the longer term management of my digestion. I have subsequently seen Mark for long standing lower back pain, which flares up from time to time and I have been really impressed and relieved at how effective acupuncture treatment has been for that. I will definitely book in with him again at the earliest sign of another flare up. The appointments are a generous length and never feel rushed. He is thorough in his questioning to understand the problem and his treatment room is hygienic and comfortable.

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