Zhu Bin Acupuncture Point for Pregnancy

Zhu Bin is a renowned acupuncture point referred to as the beautiful baby point is, in the original Chinese.
This translates as Guest House.

Zhu Bin is refered to as “The Beautiful Baby” point, as it connects to the growing fetus. It is located on the medial aspect of the calf. In ancient China, it was traditionally used at the end of the second trimester (26th week) of pregnancy with the following intentions:

  • to prevent the transmission of toxins from the mother
  • increase the baby’s health and resistance to disease
  • strengthen the mother in preparation for the final stages of pregnancy.

In understanding the name of this point, Zhu Bin or Guest House, we can think of the child as the guest in the mother’s womb.

In the west, it is more prosaically referred to as Kidney 9.

Zhu Bin

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