London Low-Cost Acupuncture

The London low-cost acupuncture clinic at the Corner Surgery was set up in 2010 by Mark Kiely Lic Ac, MBAcC, BSc (Hons) in cooperation with the partners at this GP practice. Mark is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and is fully-insured for all therapies that he practises.

Mark works there twice a week providing acupuncture at affordable prices to all sections of the community. After qualifying as an acupuncturist in 2007, Mark was troubled by the fact that, for some people, the treatment fees at the other clinics where he worked in Greenwich and Clapham would be prohibitive, such as for those people on low incomes, students, and the unemployed. At the time, a London low-cost acupuncture clinic was quite rare, and sadly that has not necessarily changed much since then. Some of the clinics that do offer affordable treatment options do so in a multi-bed group setting, but Mark prefers to offer all clients the privacy of an individual treatment room in the same way that he works at his other clinics.

London low-cost acupuncture clinic

The London low-cost acupuncture clinic at the Corner Surgery GP practice

Some of the clients Mark sees at this clinic do not specifically come because it is a London low-cost acupuncture clinic but because the location in Denmark Hill close to King’s College Hospital is convenient for them. To this end, from the start a sliding scale was established for treatment fees, which are based upon household income. This way those that can pay more do so, but those living on low incomes pay the lowest amount.

Treatment fees for an acupuncture appointment are £20, £30, or £40 depending upon which income category people fall into. The idea of household income is intended to cover both the patient and spouse but not flatmates if living in shared housing. Alongside the normal fee, there is also a £5 extra charge for the initial consultation and treatment, which normally lasts a bit longer.

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