Acupuncture Clinic in Camberwell Update

Following extensive building work, the low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell is now offering extended hours.

low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell

The low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell is close to Camberwell Green, King’s College hospital, and Denmark Hill station

Following recent and extensive building work, hours have now been increased at the low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell at the Corner Surgery on Coldharbour Lane. Usual hours at the low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell on Wednesdays from 16.00 – 19.45 and on Friday mornings from 9.00 – 13.00.

The building work has been going on for a couple of years and has caused some disruption, meaning that for some time the low-cost acupuncture clinic in Camberwell was offering reduced hours. Now with all work completed, there is greater availability of rooms at the Corner Surgery. Mark may soon be able to offer low-cost and affordable therapeutic and deep tissue massage treatments at the clinic, as he does at the other clinics where he works. It is also possible that there may be a low-cost reflexologist joining the team there too.

For those unfamiliar with this clinic, it was set up with the support of the partners in this GP surgery in 2010 with the aim of making acupuncture more widely available to all sections of the community. To this end, treatment fees are based upon household income and range from £20 – £40.

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Further details about the Camberwell acupuncture low-cost clinic can be found here:

Further details about the Corner Surgery GP practice can be found at their NHS website.


Mark does work at multi-disciplinary clinics in Greenwich and Battersea. At times during the renovation work at the Corner Surgery he has treated low-cost patients at these other clinics and is still sometimes able to see clients at concessionary rates at these other clinics. In such situations, all concessions are discussed on an individual basis.


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