Camberwell Acupuncture Clinic Extended Opening Hours

The low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic at the Corner Surgery has increased its opening hours. The clinic was originally set up at this GP practice on Coldharbour Lane by Mark in 2010 offering acupuncture treatment just one afternoon a week. This was subsequently extended to two sessions per week. Now the Wednesday and Friday hours have been extended.

New hours at Camberwell acupuncture clinic

The Corner Surgery is the location of the London Acupuncture Therapy low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic

From April 2019, the London Acupuncture Therapy low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic now operates on Wednesday afternoon/evening from 3.30pm – 8.15pm and on Friday morning from 8.30am – 1.30pm.

A few quick answers to questions often asked about this clinic:

Do I need to be registered as a patient at the Corner Surgery?

No, the low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic is open to all, regardless of whether they are registered with a GP at the Corner Surgery.

What are treatment fees at the low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic?

Treatment fees are based upon household income and range from £20 – £40 with an additional £5 charge for the initial appointment.

Is it a multi-bed clinic, or will I be treated in a private room?

The London Acupuncture Therapy low-cost Camberwell acupuncture clinic is not a multi-bed clinic like some affordable acupuncture schemes. Consultations and treatments all take place in private rooms at the surgery just as they would do at the other clinics where Mark works.

Would I book through the Corner Surgery or by contacting Mark directly?

It is best to contact Mark directly by telephone or email. The reception team at the Corner Surgery are usually very busy, and when the clinic was set up, it was agreed that to help the reception, it would be easier if Mark handled as many enquiries as possible himself.

Are card payment facilities available at this Camberwell acupuncture clinic?

No, payment is by cash or cheque only at this clinic.

It it by appointment only?


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