Acupuncture Gift Vouchers

Acupuncture gift vouchers are now available from London Acupuncture Therapy for Christmas 2019. These may make a welcome gift for somebody who would benefit from either a single appointment or else a short course of treatments. These acupuncture gift vouchers enable you to pay for the treatment at a special gift discounted cost.

acupuncture gift vouchers Christmas 2019

Acupuncture gift vouchers from London Acupuncture Therapy

The acupuncture gift vouchers may also be used for therapeutic and deep tissue massage therapy instead.

The acupuncture gift vouchers must be purchased in advance and are normally dispatched via email (printed vouchers can be sent out if required). They are valid for six months, but this expiry may be extended if necessary.

The recipient of the voucher must contact Mark at London Acupuncture Therapy to arrange a location and time that suits them. Details of where and when Mark works at his different clinics are provide below. Please note that prices do vary at each location.

At the Greenwich clinic, a voucher for a 75 minute appointment is £45 (normal price £60). Clinics on Tuesdays and Sundays.

At the Battersea clinic, a voucher for a 60 minute appointment is £40 (normal price £50). This clinic runs separate special offers from time to time, and these cannot be used in conjunction with the discounted gift rate. Clinics on Mondays and Fridays.

At the Camberwell low-cost clinic, treatment fees are based upon income and range from £20 – £45. No further discount is available here given the nature of the clinic, but you can buy acupuncture gift vouchers for somebody based upon your income, rather than theirs. Massage treatment is not available at this clinic. Clinics on Wednesdays and on Friday mornings.

Acupuncture gift vouchers can be a novel and imaginative present at this time of year, either for somebody who has never had acupuncture before or else somebody who has benefited from it in the past but has not found the time in their hectic life to come for treatment recently.

Please contact Mark if you have any questions.

More information about acupuncture therapy can be found here.

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