Acupuncture treatment prices at the Greenwich Natural Health Centre in SE10 will increase slightly in 2018 from £50 for a one hour treatment session to £55. The initial consultation and acupuncture treatment prices of £60 for seventy-five minutes remains unchanged.

This is the first increase in acupuncture treatment prices by Mark at London Acupuncture Therapy since 2011, and it reflects increased costs and overheads.

Acupuncture treatment prices at the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre in Battersea remain the same as 2017. Mark is passionately committed to making acupuncture available to all sectors of the community, and the acupuncture treatment prices at the London Acupuncture Therapy Low-Cost Clinic in Camberwell remain unchanged. Concessions may also sometimes be available at the Greenwich and Battersea clinics, and these are considered on an individual basis.

All prices for massage therapy treatment at the Greenwich Natural Health Centre or at the Fairlee Wellbeing Centre (massage treatment is not available at the Low-Cost clinic) remain as they were in 2017.

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Details of all three clinics at which Mark works are available on the London Acupuncture Therapy website

If you wish to discuss a course of acupuncture treatments with Mark or possibly are interested in finding out more about what acupuncture may be able to offer you, then please do get in touch either by telephone or email. You can also speak to the reception team at the Greenwich Natural Health Centre directly. With over eleven years experience as a fully-qualified acupuncturist, Mark sees patients who present with a wide variety of conditions, including chronic and acute pain issues, pregnancy-related issues such as mornings sickness, stress and anxiety, and chronic, difficult conditions that people can sometimes struggle with, such as insomnia, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

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